10 good reasons to choose a four-poster bed
Choose a four-poster bed for your bedroom

The four-poster bed has its roots deep into the Middle Ages and Renaissance, originally, as an exclusive piece of furniture. It had its greatest success in the French Court, at least for what concerns its European history. In fact, the word baldaquin supposedly derives from the Latin ‘baldekinus’, ancient name of the city Baghdad, in modern Iraq. This reconstruction leads us to believe that the first four-poster beds were already used in Ancient Mesopotamia.

However, it was not used exclusively by the nobility. On the contrary, it is fit for any home and any bedroom. A four-poster bed is a strong choice, with two peculiarities: originality and elegance.

All in all, the four-poster bed has been through some decades of misfortune, probably due on one hand to prejudice it was a sign of pomp and excess, on the other hand it made some think of their great-grandmother’s house, making it feel ‘antique’.

In reality, these are just prejudices, that were luckily overcome by the latest design trends, which have re-evaluated the four-poster bed as a main character of the bedroom, underlining its suitability to any style and choice of interior design.

About that, we will give 10 good reasons to choose a four-poster bed, without you ever having to think that your choice was out of place or just plain wrong.

1. A four-poster bed is a decorative piece in itself
A four-poster bed has an ornamental value for your bedroom by itself. It is not a mere useful piece of furniture, but a touch of style: it draws the attention, even to the material it is made of, it is an evergreen. About that, to have a bed that will always be fashionable, we suggest you choose wrought iron.
2. It is vintage, but not antique
On the contrary to what is sometimes believed, a four-poster bed is not an antique, nor is it ‘old’. It gives a vintage touch to your bedroom, which is another story. This retro streak makes it fashionable, never out of that, somewhat of a tradition.
3. It Creates a more private space
Even in your own home, you may desire a bit of additional privacy. A four-poster bed allows you to stretch your rest, behind closed curtains, even when everyone else is already up, or if cleaning personnel is about.
4. It provides charism and charm to your bedroom
A four-poster bed gives an unmistakable charm to your bedroom, independently of the rest of the furniture. It is somewhere between romantic and gallant, especially if adorned by light curtains, they will animate the room and give it feeling.
5. It is compatible with any style
Let us bring down another prejucdice: if yu believe that a four-poster bed is only suitable for a king’s luxurious palace, well, you are wrong.
A four-poster bed, with selected materials and colors, will be perfect for any style of interior design, be it classical or modern.

6. It always create a romantic atmosphere
Regardless of the curtains of sheets you choose, a four-poster bed will always make your bedroom somewhat romantic, emotionally connected to immortal stories. A refuge for the soul, both physical and metaphorical, that will allow you to leave the rest of the world outside.
7. It is geometrically ‘minimal’
Even if from an historical point of view the four-poster bed is alwas connected to the nobility and aristocracy, from a structural point of view it is truly essential: it is a smple cube. This aspect makes it especially suitable to be placed in linear spaces as well, where the style is rigorous and minimal. You just have to opt for basic choices: simple lines and white curtains.
8. A four-poster bed is not just for adults
a four-poster bed is a decorative choice for kids as well. To their eyes it will look like a magical place, where their imagination can run awry, that will be all their own, leaving the adults outside.
It will also give them a sweet sense of protection all night long.
You can play with curtains as well, having your children choose them themselves.

9. There are many types for any style
It is true, a four-poster bed has no rivals, and a wrought iron four-poster bed is the most versatile, especially if coupled with see-through curtains.
The regal four-poster bed is the one most close to our imagery, connected to old stories from the 1800s.
Another valid choice is a ‘naked’ four-poster bed. By this term we mean a four-poster that has no curtains, for those who love their bed and its structure and do not wish to cover it up.
Another classic is the ‘candid’ four-poster bed, meaning a completely white four-poster bed, both in the curtains and sheets, and in the structure.
Do you want a four-poster bed customized according to your needs?


10. Changing the combination of curtains and sheets will give you a new bed every time
Your four-poster bed can become a new piece at any time, all you need to do is choose new curtains, sheets and blankets. Matching different patterns and styles will let your imagination give you a new bed every time. It will be a small revolution in the bedroom, without having to change all the furniture.

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