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Choosing the right style for your home is never simple, the best thing to do would be to trust a professional who will be capable to valorize spaces and furnish it in good taste, but this is not always possible.
“Il Letto a Baldacchino” wants to give everyone the chance to create a unique, customized four-poster bed, design following your personal preferences and perfectly matched to the style and colors in the rest of your house.

How to create a customized four-poster bed

Here at Lispi & Co., we will put our experience at your service. We have been working and forging iron for generations, we have never wanted to make our production industrial, our focus has always been on quality.

What is the configurator

To give you the possibility of creating your customized bed, from measurements to finishing, we have created a configurator for four-poster beds.
parti di un letto a baldacchino

How the configurator works

Using our configuator is very simple and quite fun becase you can give free range to your imagination and have a real time pre-view of what your bed will look like
Let’s see together how it works step by step…

Step 1: Choose format and measurements. From the menu on the right you can choose to configurate either a single or a double bed, then you can choose the mattress size among the standard measurements listed or choose your own. You can also choose the height of the bed base and of the posters.

creare il tuo letto a baldacchino

Step 2: Choose the color of your bed. You can choose among the listed color the one that best suits your style, your taste and the colors of your home. Just click on the color and the exact name will appear.

Step 3: have all the tries you want! You can personalize the shape of the legs, of the posters, of the connections, headboard, top and so on. You can try all the combinations you want, in some cases though some elements will not be shown because some combinations are not possible. For example, if you choose a modern leg, which is very long, posters will not be needed.

step 4: calculate the price of your bed. While you customize your bed the precise price of your estimate will be calculated, and you can send it to us at the end of the process.
Let us remind you that the price includes taxes, but does not include the mattress, bed base or pillows.
To offer you an all-inclusive service we have selected some of the best suppliers in the area and, in the section ‘Accessories’ of our website, you can choose your customizable mattress and bed base, besides the most suitable pillows and elegant pieces of furniture to make your four-poster bed complete.

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