Colors for your bedroom
From the walls to the sheets, how to make your bedroom unique

What are the trendiest 2019 colors for your bedroom? Get ready to be surprised, because your bedroom will not be the one you expected…
Here are some pieces of advice on how to make your bedroom really stylish with small renovations.

Let’s Begin

Wall Color

If you want to give some color to your bedroom, before discovering which are the trendiest colors of 2019, let us remind you that colors can influence the quality of our sleep. Theoretically, it is best to avoid strong and decisive colors, never use purple, the color of imagination, because it will stimulate your mind. Best to opt for blue in all its nuances or light hues of green, or other colors.

The trendiest colors of 2019

In 2019 there will be a great comeback of strong colors, like wine red, yellow, every shade of green, electric blue, purple, fuchsia and pink…it won’t be easy! Just remember not to exaggerate and to mix colors elegantly. If you have white walls you can dare with a pink or purple duvet cover, it could be interesting to play with colors with pillows and curtains, having them done in yellow or green, or even orange.
letto colorato

Play with the lights

Another way to give more color to your bedroom and make it unique is to play with the lights: instead of choosing a simple hanging lamp at the center of the room, you can choose to have more lamps to place in the corners and give the room the right atmosphere.

Hanging paintings in Bedroom

Among the evergreen looks for your bedroom, choosing the ‘total white’ option is never wrong, you can then make it special by giving it a touch of color, placing a single painting above the headboard of your bed.

xamera da letto con quadro

Other Interior Design Trends of 2019

The industrial style is making a big comeback in 2019, and the minimal style keeps its strong hold among the most loved interior design styles. A wrought-iron four-poster bed will be perfect for both!

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