Four-poster bed in wood or wrought-iron
Different materials for a four-poster bed

Strongly tied to the concept of a four-poster bed is a material: wood. Traditionally four-poster beds were in fact made of wood, because this material was surely more easily found and sculptors and wood workers managed to create real works of art.

Today though, wood, aside from being somewhat out of fashion, can be an unsuitable material for a four-poster bed. The rooms in our houses, in fact, are sensibly smaller than the rooms in the castles of the olden times, or the ones in spacious Medieval villas. So, if we want a four-poster bed it is fundamental to choose a simple style, that will slender the figure and will not run the risk of weighing down the room.

Besides, nowadays fashion trends have brought back the Industrial Style, where iron is a main character, and the Minimal Style, that proposes simple and elegant lines, without frippery.

You can also choose the curtains among different cloths, surely nowadays light fabrics are preferred, as they won’t weigh down the bed. Besides let’s remember that once the four-poster bed was used to obtain a level of privacy that may not be needed today!

As for tints, remember that this year the big interior decorators will use strong and decisive colors: electric blue, wine red, purple, , shocking pink, gold and silver: these will be the 2019 colors, together with yellow (specifically lemon yellow) and green, in all its hues. Especially keep in mind olive green, a very peculiar hue of green that has managed to fascinate designers, and has been used very little so far.

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