How are mattresses made?
Latex, memory foam and innerspring (coil)

It is not unusual to get confused about the materials of mattresses, in fact it is not that simple to figure them out that is why, when we are about to buy a new mattress, we have difficulty choosing the best one for us.

Let’s see what materials re available to us:

Latex mattresses
First of all, latex is a natural emulsifier derived from the rubber plant, synthetic latex exists as well, and many mattresses have a combination of the two.

Pro: They are very flexible and at the same time offer great support, they adapt to the contour of your body, distributing pressure in a uniform way.

Who should choose it: People of medium built, people who move a lot during sleep, very suitable for people with asthma or respiratory allergies.

Who should not choose it: people allergic to latex

Memory foam
This is a very flexible and light foam, that has a tendency to accumulate heath, but also humidity, so it is important to let the mattress breathe in the morning after a good night’s sleep.
Pro: It allows good distribution of weight during sleep and maintains heath, it is light and easy to carry.

Who should choose it: People who are always chilly or sensitive to cold, people of small built. .

Who should not choose it: People of heavy built, people who move a lot during sleep, people who do not have time to let the room breathe in the morning to avoid moisture deposition.

Innerspring Mattresses
These are the most common mattresses, the springs in their core guarantee elasticity and solidity. The springs guarantee good breathability so these mattresses do not accumulate humidity. If a memory superior layer is added, this will provide greater comfort and heath.

Pro: Si adattano bene a qualunque tipo di corporatura e peso

Who should choose it: People who live in warm environments or who sweat a lot

Who should not choose it: People who are particularly chilly or who live in cold places


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