How to choose the right mattress
To sleep well

Sleeping well is fundamental to face the day in the best possible way and to have a happy and serene life. According to various researches, in fact, people who sleep well have a tendency to have a more serene disposition towards life, have more energy and get sick less often.
So, quality of sleep is of the utmost importance to our quality of life, nd the mattress plays a key role.

If you have just bought or are about to buy a new mattress, you already know how difficult it is to choose the best suited to your needs. Soft or firm, Memory or Innersprings, high or not…there are many factors to keep into account.

Let’s make an informed choice using this brief guide of what you really need to know when considering to buy a new mattress.
let us remind you that the mattress has to sustain your weight in a balanced way and needs to be comfortable. There is a widespread prejudice that a mattress needs to be very firm to be good for your back, but actually that is not completely true: a good mattress has to respect the natural curvature of your dorsal spine and sustain it in every point without creating unnatural curvatures.
Tell me how you sleep and i will tell you…which mattress to buy!
It seems strange but it is true, for example if you sleep in a supine position a firm mattress is the best choice, as it will support your spine better, whereas if you usually sleep on your side you need a more flexible mattress, that will allow your shoulder to sink in a little. Your weight also plays a role in the choice: the more you weigh, the higher you should go in the firmness scale.

Try First
When buying a mattress, you should try it out first, see if it gives you a good comfy feel. Ususally, if a mattress is not right for us, i twill feel uncomfortable on the first try!

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