Single four-poster Bed
We present to you George VI

George VI was King of England from 1963 to 1952 and is current Queen Elizabeth’s father…

Are you asking why this information is relevant for a four-poster bed?

Obviously because our four-posters are fit for King! And we’ll also tell you why we chose to call this model George VI.

George VI is a single four-poster bed in Country Chic style, perfect to furnish a young and simple space.
George VI has characteristic simple and boxy lines, we could call them…spartan.

These characteristics of sturdiness and solidity made us name it after this King, in fact George VI was the English monarch to have to face World War II and who, even during the London bombing, never left his post, he refused to escape and to be brought in a safe place, but decided to boost morale also through radiophonic messages, encouraging his people to fight back.

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