The right space for a four-poster bed
A bedroom with a four-poster bed

The charm of a four-poster bed has enchanted you too and you are asking yourself which are the ideal spaces to fit this fascinating piece of furniture? Let us try to find an answer together, but first a brief explanation on what a four-poster bed actually is and what are its peculiarities.

What is a four-poster bed?

Originally, the four-poster bed had to have preciously decorated curtains, enriched by a mix of colors and designs.
This highly decorative kind of fabric was used in epochs past and near as a true symbol of protection and homage to people of importance, or to prestigious objects. It is one of the most luxurious pieces of furniture.
Traditionally a baldaquin is held together by four vertical posters, and this structure is reproduced in the four-poster bed.

Typical characteristics of a classic four-poster bed

As you may already know, four-poster beds are ‘hugged’ by these elegant elements, that give it elegance together with a feeling of coziness, and privacy.
The classical four-poster bed is loyal to the peculiarities of the traditional four-poster beds: a slender structure to sustain luxurious cloths, cared for in every detail. Curtains and precious fabrics are not exclusive to the superior part of the structure, it is actually not infrequent to see lateral curtains, that give it a touch of refinement.

letto a baldacchino singolo

The traditional version of the four-poster bed is still very loved, and is a protagonist of interior design. Still, nowadays there are also different variants of a four-poster bed, that make it more modern.
Four-poster beds can have much sturdier structures and more bright and vivid colors. Heavily decorated curtains give way to much lighter fabrics, sometimes monochromatic.
Do not be surprised if you see a modern four-poster bed that has no curtains at all: these models can be very captivating as well.

Four-poster beds: almost exclusively double beds
Let’s get in thick of it and ask one of the most important questions: how much space is needed for a bed like this?
First of all, when we talk about a four-poster bed we usually mean a double bed, you can surely come upon a single four-poster bed, but they are much rarer.
The advice we are about to give is true both for double and single four-poster beds.

Space needed for a classic four-poster bed

As we have already said, a classical four-poster bed is a luxurious piece of furniture, so it can usually be admired in very spacious bedroom, with ostentatious furniture.
A medium-sized room though can definitely host a four-poster bed just as well, it lets you appreciate the bed in all its glory. So, it is not true that you necessarily need to have an oversized bedroom to have a four-poster bed.
A small bedroom is objectively not ideal for a four-poster bed, especially in its classical conception. If the room is very small, in fact, the beauty of this object is less obvious, and that is a real pity, besides in a small bedroom a big four-poster can become an encumbrance

Modern models: more versatile when it comes to space

letto a baldacchino moderno
More or less the same goes for modern four-poster beds, which are more linear and less pompous. These models though perform impeccably even in medium-small spaces.
Style is extremely important in this regard: the more essential design of these models make them a good fit even for a smaller room.
There is no one rule about four-posters, we are just giving some indications. If you want to make your bedroom special with a four-poster bed, even if it is quite small, do not give up your dream.

Where to put your four-poster within the bedroom

On positioning the bed, though, let us give you one important piece of advice: the ideal position for a four-poster bed is near a single wall, or even in the middle of the room, with no contact with the walls.

Positioning a four-poster bed in a corner, adjacent to two walls, is technically possible, but definitely not recommended: in fact, positioning it this way will greatly decrease the characteristic perception of its structure, giving less value to its beauty. Besides, you could only put curtains on two of the four sides.
In conclusion, it is evident that a four-poster bed is ideal for very large rooms, but a medium sized room can have it just as well, as long as you choose a bed that does not have an ‘invasive’ structure and that you position it properly in the room, without depriving it of its beauty.
Do you think you do not have the right space for a four-poster bed?


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