How to use our Configurator

“Hi, i am Emanuele and i am about to explain to you how to best use our Configurator.
On our website you will find a DEDICATED SECTION
that will allow you to choose every detail of you four-poster bed as if your were here in the workshop with us…but luckily you can do it from the comfort of your own home!”

The first choice you have to make is the size of your bed, do you want a bed for one, for two, for more? Measurements are customizable and do not fret, mattresses can be customized as well on our website!
We have 10 choices of color for your bed, including ‘natural iron’.
They can all be used in a varnishing style, ensuring maximal coverage on the material, or they can be more transparent, letting the iron underneath show.

Now for the good part

Every part of your bed is customizable and you can choose your favourite configuration from the ones listed. When you click on the configuration of your choice, it will appear on the prototype bed on your left, making is simpler to make combinations and to imagine the final product.

You can choose the style of the legs
This is an important choice because the choice of legs will delineate the style of the whole bed, and the choices you will have in the next steps of configuration. (configurator)
After that, you have to choose the types of posters, headboards and tips.

You can also add various kinds of tops.

All you need to do now is try it, play with it and place an order for your customized dream four-poster bed

To feel like and sleep like a King!

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