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    Double Bed

    Round posters, connections and legs. A great classic for a four-poster bed.

    The bed Micheal has a light but timeless structure, with an oval top and forged tips.

    4500 €

    Double Bed

    A sheet iron headboard, typical of the old wooden beds, is readapted to suit our material: wrought iron. It is accompanied by round posters and connections, simple but classic and elegant. All this is enriched by our Florence Red, a symbol of nobility.

    3700 €

    Double Bed

    Gold represents wealth and pomp, we decided to reinterpret it with our Pompei Ocher Yellow, cheeky and arrogant, as a protagonist it slides over the twisted posters, rigorously forged by hand by our artisans…

    5000 €

    Double Bed

    The perfection of a curl, that continues and elongates, almost like a bouncing spring. This is the feeling we wanted to give you with our twisted posters, produced in our workshop by the high skills and great patience of our artisans, unique pieces, inimitable and never exactly like identical to one another, just like locks of rebel curly hair…

    5600 €

    double bed

    White. Like purity and simplicity. These are the traits that characterize the bed Rudolph: square legs, sheet iron headboard, its lines are regular and timeless, the small pinecones are just the perfect final touch.

    3800 €
  • Corrado IV

    double bed

    Are you eclectic and always think outside of the box? Il letto Corrado IV is bed that was thought just for you.
    It is a very interesting variant: the absence of a top with the typical connections of a four-poster bed is balanced out by the sturdy square legs, that give the bed importance and shape…

    4400 €

    Double Bed

    From the color of the sea, the Tancred Bed rises with its circular top. It is monumental and elegant, with classical pinecones entirely forged by hand by our master artisans, enriched by the tall posters and an impressive headboard.

    5600 €

    Bespoke four-poster beds

    Customize every single element of your dream bed, choose the measurements, the structure, the headboard, the top, the tips, the finishing and send us your request.


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