Made by Skilled artisans

Each of our beds is handcrafted by expert artisans, who have been working with iron for four generations. Each product is unique and produced with great attention to detail.
After establishing the ergonomics and functionality of the final product, the project is brought to our workshop.
Here, the right kind of iron is chosen, the one with less flaws and best appearance. Each component is precisely cut and worked on the forge to create inlays, connections and curls.
At the forge, iron is heated up on hot coals. When the iron is incandescent and turns red, the blacksmith starts beating it with a mallet on an anvil, or creates twists or other structural changes.

After a cooling down period, the various pieces are welded together, bolted or simply assembled. Finally, it is time for the finishing, which may entail burnishing and use of acids or painting with one of our varnishes.

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